The cuisine of Indonesia is one of the strengths of this country, and especially that of Bali we found one of the best in all of Southeast Asia. If we add to this the fact that in Ubud there are many restaurants where to find every type of food, we can calmly affirm that this city is one of the gastronomic paradises of Asia . And good news for vegetarians and vegans: the offers to eat are almost endless. Next we will recommend 7 restaurants where to eat in Ubud well and cheaply .


* Restaurants may have different menus, prices or even closed after writing this article, please keep that in mind. And if you find any incorrect information we would appreciate if you would notify us in a comment

1. Dewa Warung

It is a simple place , quite frequented (thanks above all to the good prices and the quality of the food), where there is only one catch: they are quite slow to serve. But hey, you know that in Asia the times are different! We recommend you try the curries (the eggplant is delicious) and better if you accompany it with a fresh smoothie. Prices from 22,000IDR (soups) and 25,000-35,000IDR (main).

 Jl. Gootama, 13
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2. Warung D’Atas

Refrain from vegetarians: the star dish of the house are barbecued pork ribs  that have fallen in love with the palate of a few travelers. Of course there are many more dishes on the menu, but do not hesitate: try those ribs with potatoes (from 75,000 to 195,000IDR) and you will not regret it. and to provide a very cool bintang.

 Jl. Gn. Sari, 777
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3. Sweet Orange Warung

Next Cheap Restaurants Ubud Bali. Surrounded by rice paddies and tranquility , this restaurant is a little gem! Its surroundings and its rich food are well worth the walk. You can opt for Indonesian cuisine classics such as mee goereng (fried noodles) or have a sweet snack with a fruit smoothie. Main prices: 35,000IDR

 Jalan Kajeng
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4. Moksa

The original name is “Moksa Plant-based Restaurant & Permaculture Garden” but it is too long, so everyone calls it directly Moksa;). Call it what you call it one thing is clear: it is one of the best vegan restaurants in Ubud . The menu is extensive and has typical Balinese dishes, with salads and more “westerns” proposals such as hamburger (delicious), pizzas or pasta. Prices are somewhat higher, although they are still super correct and similar to other restaurants in Ubud. The main ones are around 60,000-80,000IDR (about € 4-5).

Cheap Restaurants Ubud Bali

 Puskesmas Ubud II
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5. Balinese Home Cooking

Another Cheap Restaurants Ubud Bali. As the name indicates, everything is homemade , cooked with love as if it were grandma’s food. In fact it shows the warm, familiar atmosphere and is appreciated. We recommend you try some dish to share (the curries were very rich and the satay lilit freaks us out!) And for dessert the pisang goereng (fried plantain). Prices 40,000-80,000 IDR per plate. Of course, it is somewhat away from Ubud, but if you have a motorcycle you get there in a plis plas (and if not taxi!).

 Jl.Rsi Markandya II, 20
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6. Umah Pizza

Those who know us know that by medical prescription we have to eat pizza at least once a week (well, the prescription may be my invention). So site we visited, site where we look for the best pizza and everything indicates that here they make the best pizza in Ubud ! We caught a large take-out and ate the 2 quietly. Prices: 40,000-70,000 (obviously depending on the ingredients).

 Jalan Bisma
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7. Warung Pondok Madu

And we finish this selection of restaurants where to eat in Ubud with a good, beautiful and cheap warung, let’s go: the perfect combo. Recommended the ribs with rice , satay and some entree to share (if you never ate lumpia , the fried rolls typical of Indonesia, it is a good place to premiere). They also have quite a few vegan and vegetarian options . Prices: 35,000-60,000IDR

 Jalan Jatayu
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We hope you liked our selection and, of course, if you know more Cheap Restaurants Ubud Bali, we would be happy to expand the list. Everything to gain a few kilos of happiness!


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