Talking about tourist objects on the island of Bali island will certainly never end, because Bali has many attractions that can attract tourists to visit.

The hidden beauty of Gunung Kawi Temple Ubud, a Cultural Heritage Site with Archaeological Heritage

Famous for its beautiful beaches and strong culture, Bali is a popular destination for tourists. One alternative tour that can be your choice is Gunung Kawi Ubud Bali.

The GunungKawi tourism object in Ubud is one of the cultural heritages in Bali with ancient relics in the form of temples composed of carved stones.

Hmm … interesting right? Let’s find out the uniqueness of the Mount Kawi attraction so you need to include it in the list of vacation destination destinations.

Gunung Kawi Temple Ubud

The Road to Gunung Kawi Temple Ubud
Gunung Kawi Tourism Ubud is located not far from Denpasar City which can be reached using two or four-wheeled vehicles with a distance of 40 km and takes about one hour to Tampak Siring in Gianjar Regency. Precisely located near the river Pakerisan, Penaka Hamlet, Tampaksiring Village, Tampaksiring District, Gianyar Regency

When you have arrived, then you can see the beautiful green scenery with cool air that will make you relax while in the Gunung Kawi region. In addition, you can also see views of the river flowing close to the location of Mount Kawi.

But to get to Gunung Kawi, you need to pass about 315 steps with neat rows. Of course the effort that is done will be comparable with the beauty to see Mount Kawi.

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History of GunungKawi Ubud
Actually no one knows the meaning of the origin of the name “Gunung Kawi”. It’s just that many argue that Gunung Kawi comes from two words namely “Mountain” and “Kawi”.

Gunung means a hilly area and has a peak on it, while Kawi means Old Javanese or can also be called a sculpture. So that the meaning of “GunungKawi” is a sculpture found in the mountains.

The Gunung Kawi site was discovered by Dutch researchers in 1920. The results of the study indicate that Gunung Kawi originated in the 11th century during the reign of King Udayana. Raja Udayana is a famous king in Bali. He married the daughter of Raja Kediri named Gunapriya Dharma Patni and had children of Erlangga and Anak Wungsu.

After the king abdicated, the Wungsu Son succeeded him between 1049-1077. After he died his remains were deposited in one of the temple complexes. From this research it can be concluded that the Gunung Kawi complex was built during the days of King Udayana because of inscriptions carved into the pseudo-door. From this article, the researcher concludes about the origin of the existence of this temple.

The beauty of Gunung Kawi Ubud in Bali is that there are temple sites which are divided into two groups separated by the Pakerisan River, where there are four temples located in the western part of the river, and five temples in the east.

The charm of GunungKawi Ubud does not stop there, but you can also see the beautifully carved rock walls and as will be seen at the top of the temple as if framed with arches. The function of the arch itself is to protect the temple and prevent erosion that can damage the temple.

In the western part of the temple complex there is a hermitage called a monastery. For its size is not too large, but made of stone on a cliff carved, and is equipped with a small hole as air circulation.

The legacy of this site can be interpreted as the diversity of religions and cultures that have existed since ancient times. Of course there is a lot of history and value in the attractions of Gunung Kawi Ubud that you can see directly if you visit there.

Entrance fee is 25,000 Rupiah per person

Activities at Gunung Kawi Temple Ubud
The calm and cool atmosphere of GunungKawi Ubud is perfect as a place for recreation, meditation, or just relaxing to unwind. In addition, in the GunungKawi area of ​​Ubud there are also many photo spots that will be a pity if they are not captured.

The temples with beautiful sculptures and charming views when you are at the top, you need to capture it. So, a trip to Gunung Kawi Temple to enjoy the beauty of the panorama, as well as the authenticity of values ​​and history should be considered in the list of attractions that must be visited when visiting Bali.

Hope you enjoy guys the post Gunung Kawi Temple Ubud.


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