Is Bali dangerous? Is it safe to travel to Bali?

THE MILLION DOLLAR QUESTION. Let’s see, traveling to Bali is safe in general . That’s how first nothing has to happen. People are very friendly, you will always find them with a smile on their face, asking curiously where you are from, especially in smaller towns. If you need help with directions or where to eat, for example, they will not hesitate to help you out.

It is true that in many cases they will talk to you to try to sell you something: souvenirs, excursions, etc., but not in this sense, Bali is not dangerous.

You will not find dangers such as gun robberies or street violence, so we could say that it is it safe to travel to Bali? . But it is advisable to read and analyze the different risk factors and above all bring good travel insurance appropriate to the activities you are going to do, because regardless of the people, Bali can be dangerous in other aspects and therefore, it is advisable to be alert .

 Medical care in Bali

Although there are many people who decide to travel to Bali, Bali is not the main island of Indonesia , and therefore, medical infrastructure can be deficient in many aspects, especially in cases of serious accidents, where it is necessary to make evacuations to Java , the main island

In addition to this, as a tourist you will have to pay for medical care , something that in many expensive has excessive prices . Imagine that you are injured in a trekking or something is happening to you diving, that a weirdo bites you , that you get diarrhea from the change of food or that you have an accident with a rental motorcycle. You can get your budget out of hand with the payment of hospital care. So in this case it is best to have insurance to travel to Bali.

Nothing has to happen, but in this way you will be calm knowing that you are covered by your travel insurance. It is also important that you go to the International Vaccination Center (Preventive Medicine) before the trip so they can indicate the vaccines you need .

 TIP : Get travel insurance to Bali that includes medical care . It is the best way to avoid unnecessary surprises.

Is Bali safe? Will they rob me?

I only know the case of some people who were robbed in Bali, and what really happened is that they were victims of a scam. They rented a house without knowing well where they were going and when they went for a walk the supposed owners took all their belongings.

But I know people who have spent long periods in Bali and have never been robbed. So in that sense we could also say that it is safe to travel to Bali. Anyway, we must not be careless. As with all trips it is advisable to carry your passport, wallet and important documents in a safe place .

 TIP : Do not leave valuable things in sight at the hotel . Avoiding temptations is another way of ensuring your safety.

 Getting around Bali: Roads and transport

One of the main dangers of Bali are its roads . While it is true that over time they have improved a lot, for a European who travels to Asia for the first time, driving in Bali or Indonesia in general can be quite surprising.

Is it safe to travel to Bali

It is not uncommon to meet double overtaking or overtaking while vehicles are coming from the front and the truth is that in Bali there are many traffic accidents. Many involve Balinese, but it is very likely that during the trip you will meet tourists who wear a sling or have their legs full of wounds because they have fallen off the motorcycle.

The Balinese use motorcycles for everything . They are a form of transport for the whole family (I have seen whole families riding on the same motorcycle, including babies), they do not usually wear a helmet, they drive in flip flops, they go faster than they should on many occasions, they transport stacked boxes that prevent visibility, or a bunch of live chickens in one of the hands while driving with the other … Things that are very striking for us as tourists but that make it not so safe to travel to Bali in that regard.

It is very easy to get carried away by that relaxed atmosphere that is breathed throughout the Balinese island , believe me, but it is important to remember that when it comes to roads, it is not necessary to neglect and it is advisable to drive with caution.

 TIP : If you rent a motorcycle or a car, drive with caution, carry papers in order with you and always wear the helmet (in the case of the motorcycle). Also check that the vehicle includes insurance.

 Security in Bali: Balinese Police

This is very much in relation to the previous point, since the police in Bali have their more and less. In general you will not have a problem in airports, customs, etc., but if you rent a vehicle it is advisable to go with caution.

Is it safe to travel to Bali in this regard? Well, sadly there is a lot of corrupt traffic police. They will stop you, they will want to fine you for anything they make up … That is why it is best not to give them reasons to notice you. Drive slowly, carry a passport and international driving license with you and above all, do not disrespect them.

I have met many people who have been stopped by police and also bribed. It is important that you consider it for safety. Traveling to Bali is safe but these things can make your trip bitter. If they get very insistent it is best to give them some money and let them go.

 TIP : If you rent a motorcycle or a car, it costs € 20 in separate rupees in a pocket . If the police bribe you, use that and tell them you have no more.

I am not very friendly to access bribes and less recommend saving money for it, but the fame of the police in Bali makes it better than having to accompany them to the police station and get into trouble. In any case, you should travel to Bali with travel insurance that covers you in situations of this type .

 Dangers in Bali: Natural Disasters

Now, the least certain when traveling to Bali … THE NATURAL CATASTERS . Because of its geographical location, the Indonesian archipelago is very vulnerable in this regard. Tsunamis, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions are just some of the catastrophes that have historically hit the country.

These situations are in many cases unpredictable, so if it touches you, it touched you, but in that case it is important to remain calm, know what to do and, above all, have travel insurance that covers possible natural disasters.

In recent years there have been several eruptions of volcanoes in Lombok that have left many travelers on hold without being able to return home, as the airports were closed . That is why you have to be cautious.

 The party in Bali: Main risks

Although many people travel to Bali with the intention of disconnecting and spending a dream vacation between beaches, temples and rice paddies, it is not uncommon to meet young people who also want to take advantage of some nights to party. Great! But it is not so safe to travel to Bali if you party and get in trouble.

Bali, and specifically Kuta, is one of those places that lend itself to party and spend crazy and fun nights . But beware, and here I am going to do a little mother, there are many young boys selling drugs of all kinds. What you do with your body is your decision, but keep in mind that in Bali and in Indonesia in general the use or possession of drugs is illegal and life imprisonment and the death penalty are penalties in force today that have been applied in more than one occasion to people who have been accused of drug possession and trafficking.

Therefore, it is not a joke. Traveling to Bali is safe as long as you don’t get into trouble like this.

 Other dangers in Bali: Trekking to volcanoes

Trekking in general is one of the most famous activities in Bali, especially the trekking to the Agung volcano. This volcano has been erupting since 2017 , with no imminent dangers today, but this situation could vary.

Just be cautious, find out about the situation before starting the route and it will be safer to travel to Bali . If the volcano increases its activity it can cause, among other things, the closure of nearby airports.

 TIP : If you are trekking, take a travel insurance to Bali that includes adventure sports  up to the height you are going to climb.

 Other hazards in Bali: Water activities

When you think of Bali, palm trees, turquoise beaches, coral reefs, surfing and diving come to mind … What a wonder!

And the truth is that yes. Bali, or the nearby Gili Islands are two of the most famous points for water sports , since underwater life is spectacular.

If you want to surf or dive, do not stop doing it. Just take precautions. Contract the activities with reliable agencies that take the necessary security measures and have a careful and in good condition.

 TIP : Take travel insurance to Bali that includes water sports . If you suffer any accident, it will be your best ally.

 Other dangers in Bali: Food

Surely traveling to Bali is a gastronomic surprise . We all love to travel and try new flavors. In fact, for many people gastronomy is one more reason to travel. And it’s great. Balinese cuisine has many points in favor: The dishes are healthy, mostly based on rice (or noodles) and vegetables. In addition, they prepare very tasty dishes at very affordable prices . For € 2 you can feast on many sites.

But you have to keep an eye. In some places, hygienic conditions leave much to be desired. In others, the products are not fresh . On top of that, your stomach may not be used to excessive spicy or some culinary products. It is not advisable to consume water that is not bottled . Traveler’s diarrhea is a common evil , at least for first-time travelers to Asia.

The safest thing when making a trip to Bali is to take certain precautionary measures:

  • Always drink bottled water .
  • Be wary of empty restaurants: It is better to go to a place with a bad look but full of Balinese than one that seems very beautiful but where there are only two tourists.
  • Avoid eating Western dishes (pizzas, hungry …) : Basically because there is less demand and the product will not be as fresh as if you consume local cuisine.

 Foreign Ministry: Is it safe to travel to Bali?

Finally, it is advisable to read what the Foreign Ministry says before traveling to Bali.

It is very important that you carefully review the notes and updated information to be prevented before the trip , both in regards to the necessary documents, such as visas, political situation, instability, natural conditions, risk areas, health and safety when traveling to Bali .

Best insurance to travel to Bali

I always recommend IATI Seguros insurance because it is the travel insurance to Bali that I hired at the time and because it has many coverages that will come in handy for your trip to Bali :

  • Medical assistance 24 × 7, without excess and without advance of money.
  • If your trip includes adventure activities you should review the policies and see what sports each type of insurance covers. With IATI, Estrella and Backpacking insurance covers a large part of adventure sports.
  • They cover the transfer to the hospital that best suits your needs in case something happens to you.
  • They are a reliable agency and they provide a high quality service .
  • They include robberies and damage to luggage with violence.
  • They include civil liability .
  • They also cover personal injury in motor vehicle accident .

All IATI insurance covers basic things such as health care, hospitalization and repatriation, in addition to robbery with violence. But I recommend that you choose insurance that covers the specific risks that may occur when traveling to Bali .

Not all insurances have the same coverage . For example, Estrella and Backpacking are what cover adventure sports and extension of the natural catastrophe trip, so they are the two insurance options to travel to Bali that I see most appropriate:

Hope you enjoy the post ” Is it safe to travel to Bali? ” and Enjoy the trip to the island of the gods! 



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