One of the most important moments in a trip to Bali for free , is the moment in which it is up to choose the place where you will settle to know the island, in addition to the place where you will sleep. In this case and after our experience traveling to the Island of the Gods twice, the second of them staying in a Villa with Airbnb in Bali , we leave you some examples of what we believe, are the best areas to stay in Ubud .

Where to stay in Ubud Bali

Where to stay in Ubud Bali

Although there are many places where you can stay in Bali , in addition to the possibility of changing accommodation along the route, if you are not going to be many days on the island and do not want to change accommodation in each of the areas that you are going to visit, we would recommend you to choose Ubud as a center of operations, since this is one of the most tourist locations and at the same time with more infrastructure on the island.
If you have decided on it, the problem will probably be when it is time to decide in which area to stay or what type of accommodation to choose, since the population is quite large and it is not always clear which is the best and most successful place.
How we know that this choice can mark in a certain way the way to travel to Bali , we leave you a series of tips and areas to stay in Ubud , so that you can make the right decision according to your needs.

Accommodation in the Ubud Center

One of the most demanded options to stay in Ubud is in the downtown area. This way you make sure you don’t need a motorcycle or car to move around and have a few meters away some of the best restaurants to eat in Ubud or one of the best coffee shops in Ubud.
In the central area of ​​Ubud you also have several options, which we could divide according to the location and streets:

– Jalan Raya Ubud / Ubud street
This is one of the main streets to stay in Ubud. If you choose this option and do not want to be in the room accompanied by noise, it is best to choose to stay in one of the streets that surround the main street.
These are much quieter and you will be only a few meters from the heart of the town.

– Monkey Forest
This is another of Where to stay in Ubud Bali best known, since it is another of the most central points of the town.
It should be noted that the main road, Jalan Monkey Forest, usually has a lot of traffic, so it can be interesting to get away from it and opt for the accommodations that are in the surroundings.

Accommodation in the Ubud Center


This area to stay in Ubud is a good option, especially if you have a means of transport, since it is a few kilometers from the most central area or a walk of just over 40 minutes.

Accommodation in Sambahan


In the western part of Ubud, this area is known for housing the well-known Campuhan Rige Walk or palm tree path , which is one of the things to do in Ubud that you cannot miss.
Somewhat away from the downtown area and the motorcycle or car being necessary to move freely, staying here has a great privilege, which is to be surrounded by nature and rice fields, in addition to absolute tranquility.

Accommodation in Campuhan


Next Where to stay in Ubud Bali, jIn Jalan Raya Penestanan, you can find this amazing rice paddy area where staying in Ubud is a real privilege.
It is also an area with a wide range of options, ranging from the cheapest bungalows to the most exclusive villas, many of them rented for long stays.

Accommodation in Penestanan


Village located on the outskirts of Ubud about 2 kilometers and about 20 minutes walking which is an ideal location, especially if you are looking for tranquility and views of immense rice paddies.
This is where the villa in which we stayed during a month’s stay in Bali is located and which we booked through Airbnb being long-term.

If you are only going to stay a few days, you can also book it through hotelook here .

Sayan – Ayung Resort

About 2 kilometers from the center of Ubud, we find this beautiful area, located in an incredible valley where vegetation is the main protagonist.
If you are looking for a luxury resort, this is probably the place to stay in Ubud.

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